Can Pre-Ophtho help answer research questions?

the cloud of unknowing

the cloud of unknowing

I'm wondering how to best use to answer research questions. The site already uses a variety of tracking services such as Google Analytics, but I'm curious how we can best use this and other forms of data. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling: 

  • Who is using this site? Where are they from? What are they doing here?
  • Which resources are best-recommended for medical students interested in ophthalmology – by persons at different levels of training / experience in ophthalmology? How does this vary by region / program?
  • To what extent do medical students value near-peer recommendations (i.e. a site like this one) vs. those of an authority in the field of medical education? What might we extrapolate from these findings, and how can we use them to improve training?

If you have questions we could help answer, reach out and contact us

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