Site progress

Writing a note here to myself as much as anything. 

So far, I've uploaded most of the resources I have. I enjoy having conversations about resources with medical students and faculty. There is a sort of sharing of resources that goes on in medical education that those outside of medical education may not know about. It's the handing of tips and tricks from a person one or two years ahead of you to the trainees below. I hope that this site passes on some of that information. 

I've had the experience of showing drafts of the site to residents who say "I wish I had something like that when I was going through medical school. Those are all my favorite resources right now as a first year resident." It has been an enjoyable project to put this together. 

I hope to continue receiving feedback on the site, and to find younger medical students to continue the website as an ongoing, updated project. Perhaps the Ophthalmology Student Interest Group? We shall see. 

Meanwhile. Check out this beautiful photo from Yellowstone National Park in 2005.