The "near-peer" resource for book, video, podcast and mobile app recommendations for medical students who plan to match into ophthalmology.


Resource recommendations were generated by querying ophthalmology residents,  recently-matched medical students, and faculty. 



About resources, recommendation, passion for ophthalmology, and preparing to embark upon a life in the field.

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While this website in no way represents a professional recommendation of resources, and in fact enters into a controversial discussion as to with which among many resource medical students should be engaged (including the perspective that we should simply focus on non-ophthalmologic aspects of medicine), I have appreciated the input of many faculty and residents in the making of this website, including: Dr. Yanni Paulus, Dr. Shahzad Mian, Dr. Jonathan Trobe, Dr. David Zacks, Dr. Ariane Kaplan, Dr. David Goldman, Dr. Kira Segal, Dr. Tapan Patel, and Dr. Olivia Killeen.

Additional thanks to Elaine Commiskey, Frank Commiskey and Angelica Simmons.